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Hypnosis FAQs
How does hypnosis work?
Will I tell secrets, get stuck, lose control...?
What if I can't be hypnotized?
Is the mind really that powerful?
Can't I use my will power or just try harder?
What training is required to be a hypnotist?
How do I find a hypnotist who's qualified?  

How does hypnosis work?
Most people, and maybe you, ask this question because they want to know "What does hypnosis do, exactly?" and "How can it help me?" What can I expect to feel?" EEG's detect that hypnosis is a different brain wave state than sleep or full conciousness; Several universities are doing studies, but we don't have a way to actually see "how" hypnosis is working yet. Here's a bit of what we do know.

With hypnosis you can bypass your conscious, critical mind and get to your trance-like subconscious mind. This is where all your memories, emotions, and beliefs are held. With he help of well-formed suggestions, you can then 'do some housecleaning' or 'rearrange the furniture', or even 'remodel a whole room'.

Using suggestions with hypnosis you can get your subconscious to agree that it is in your best interest to create the changes you want in your life. You 'get on your own team', so to speak. A suggestions tied to emotion = motivation. Plant this at the subconscious level and your creative mind generates automatic habits to get you what you are seeking in the every day conscious behaviors that lead to results and lasting change.

How does it feel? First your mind and body get deeply relaxed, while at the same time your focus increases and your mind gets 'hyper-aware'. For example: You'll be so relaxed, you won't want to move, but you'll know you could if you wanted to. The rejuvenation feeling lasts for hours, and you'll probably sleep better that night.

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Will I tell secrets, get stuck, lose control...?
You're in control. When you're given a suggestion, you either accept it or reject it. It's not automatic. Working on your own goals with a reputable hypnotist, you have more control over the suggestions that go into your mind, than when you're watching marketing on TV!. People in hypnosis got there because they were able to control their thoughts, breathing and feelings to the extent that they can experience and benefit from this state. For guidance and suggestions to work, enhanced control is required, not less.

You go only as 'deep' as you wish, and emerge whenever you choose. For example: If you hear sound of a car horn outside, you'll stay relaxed 'cuz it doesn't mean anything for you. However, if you own new baby happened to be sleeping nearby and woke up and began to cry, you'd immediatly emerge from hypnosis, because the baby's crying had meaning for you.

You can't be made to do or say anything against your own life- governing values. Your subconscious mind takes care of you that way. With hypnosis and acceptable suggesions, you can grow the garden of your own choosing rather then leaving it up to anything out there...such as a fast food commercial to get you to act in ways that sponsors wants. Also, in hypnosis you have greater powers of selectivity because the conscious mind is focused, not distracted. Your secrets are safe.

The hypnotic state of complete mental relaxation is so enjoyable that often we would rather stay in hypnosis for a while longer than come back to a more stressful conscious situation. But everybody comes back when they are ready. Hypnosis engages some parts of the brain that are not even active during natural sleep, so you'd have come out of hypnosis before you could drift into natural sleep.

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What if I can't be hypnotized?
Because people are individuals, each goes into hypnosis a little different way. But if you can concentrate, have some imagination, can follow directions, and (most importantly) are willing to change, you can be hypnotized. You hypnotist is trained to ascertain how you go into hypnosis, and they'll choose the best avenues for you to follow.

It's a myth that only weak minded and gullible people can be hypnotized. The opposite is true. The higher the IQ and the greater imagination and concentration abilities a person has, the easier and deeper the person can go into hypnosis. Remember, the ability to focus “selective attention” is necessary.

And it's OK if you don’t go very deep. Usually a lighter stage of trance depth works just fine for most topics. However, after re-entering trance several times, you'll find yourself achieving a greater depth of trance, much more easily, and much more quickly.

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Is the mind really that powerful?
The mind is unlimited in potential. You can create anything you desire just by letting the mind do what it was created to do. Once you begin to understand the power of your mind, and how to use it more in accordance with basic universal laws, you can re-program your subconscious to obtain anything you want in life, living life more fully.

The Placebo Effect is a good example of how powerful our mind is, and how our belief systems affect our daily lives.

'Click Here' to watch an informative video on 'The Placebo Effect'.

'Click Here' for a list of basic universal laws.

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Can't I use my will power or just try harder?
Yes you can, but it doesn't work. This is exactly where people call me saying, "I've tried and tried and I'm just tired and getting discouraged. I think I need some help."

Will power lives in the conscious mind. When you have a conscious thought of, "This .... is what I want", but there's a conflicting thought living in the subconscious mind, where the emotion is, that subconscious emotional energy will override the conscious thinking, 'will power' energy every time.

The power of hypnosis is that you can get your conscious mind and your subconscious mind in alignment, so you can have what you want. Then all you have to do is let go of any fears, clear out any unmet needs (hypnosis can help with that too), and Voilá - What you want can now happen. You can be more of your authentic self.

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What training is required to be a hypnotist?
Learning how to hypnotize someone is as easy as reading a book and practicing. But learning how to effectively use the tool of hypnosis for real positive change (your own or anyone else's) takes training, feedback and coaching (usually in person, not online.) Training in how to facilitate a personal growth process is also a needed skill, that may or may not be included in a particular hypnosis training course.

Contrary to assumption, there is no hypnosis body that offers a matriculated degree (recognized Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D.) anywhere in the world. There are many hypnotists who sport these credentials, but either they have a matriculated degree from a recognized university in some other field, or they have essentially purchased the designation, with or without accompanying training.

To illustrate, here is an extract from a letter to the Daily Telegraph in the UK, printed in 5/10/1984.
 "It's time that the general public be informed that there's no such
 person as a "qualified hypnotherapist" in the collegiate sense, and
 claims of degrees in this speciality exist only in the fantasies of the
 so-called "therapist". No properly recognised degrees in hypnosis
 are issued anywhere in the world."
   Dr. David Waxman, President
   British Society of Medical & Dental Hypnosis
   London, UK
 Note: Although the above letter was in 1984, the situation
 remains the same 27 years later in 2011.
 See USA 'ABA Journal' "The cat's out the bag".

Don't let this quote put you off from choosing either a hypnotist or training for yourself. Just because having a 'Ph.D' in hypnosis might be just an 'ego-strengthener' to have on a business card, doesn't mean the quality of skill is poor. As a consumer, just don't be fooled. If you are choosing a hypnotist, ask about their training, and if it's important to you, make sure they don't have 'bogus credentials'. See if they hold a current membership in a larger hypnosis body providing continuting education. And trust your 'feelings' about them. If you feel safe and comfortable in their presence, and if they can answer all your questions to your satisfaction, you can probably feel confident in beginning work with them.

If you are looking for training, find an ethical, established credentialing body, or an Instructor who they certified to teach for them. I would be happy to share my experience of my hypnosis training with you, what the difference was between the different courses I've taken, what I liked and what I didn't. I also have access to information about different courses and certifications around the world, and I can make some good recommendations. Different people want different things from their hypnosis training, and you want to get a 'good fit' for you.

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How do I find a hypnotist who's qualified?
There are many training and credentialing organizations. My favorite is the National Guild of Hypnotist (NGH), the oldest and largest, located in New Hampshire. But you still want to interview your hypnotist and/or hypnosis trainer, as I've mentioned above. To go to the NGH website, 'Click Here'

Or, feel free to call me and I can either schedule you for a personal consultation, or give my recommendation, depending on your needs.


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